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iGames works with leading game publishers, technology companies, and online media outlets to engage millions of gamers worldwide in LAN centers and schools across the US. Many of our current sponsors are interested in doing more in the education market.  If you are interested in getting involved in the eSports community, register today!  

What does ES4E Offer Participating Schools

  • Free Game Codes – iGames has a relationship with many publishers who offer free PC game codes and/or PC beta game codes for you and your club members to test and play.
  • Sponsored Events – iGames brings several types of sponsored gaming events to participating schools, including:
    • ​Game Launch Events
    • Tournaments
    • LAN Parties
  • Community - What are your objectives as a gaming club?  Are you looking to eventually setup an eSports stadium and have competitive teams for all major games?  We want to help you accomplish your goals by providing a community site where you can connect with other club leaders across the country and learn from one another.  iGames has managed a community site for the LAN center industry for nearly 20 years.
  • ggLeap Club Software  ggCircuit Limited is a partner which offers ggLeap Club to schools.  The software allows your club members to play on their own PCs and compete with other schools 24/7.  For more information visit the ggCircuit group.

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